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SDK for fingerprint-based biometric identification and authentication

Nexa|Fingerprint provides high-performance biometric algorithms for multistage fingerprint recognition and identification or rapid, high-volume fingerprint authentication. Nexa APIs are reliable, configurable, and easy to use, complemented by a level of technical support that has helped make Aware a trusted provider of high-quality biometric software for over twenty years.

Nexa SDKs are designed to be easily configured towards optimization of a system for a given application, database, computing platform, and operational environment. They include tools that help quantify system performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and continuously optimize the system.

Fast, Accurate, and Scalable


Nexa|Fingerprint used in

Nexa SDKs can be deployed as part AwareABIS™, a scalable biometric recognition and authentication platform that enables cluster computing optimized for rapid biometric search of extremely large databases or for high-volume biometric authentication.



Nexa|Fingerprint used in

Astra™ is a cluster computing platform used for large-scale biometric identification and deduplication using fingerprint, face, and iris recognition. It is a highly scalable platform that performs one-to-many search or one-to-one match against large stores of biometrics and other identity data. It does so by deploying biometric data and matching algorithms across a cluster of multiple computing nodes.


Other modalities available

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