Indigo™ is Aware’s turnkey biometric solution, available as traditional software licenses or as cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS).  Indigo solutions are designed to deliver useful functionality and powerful biometric matching performance out-of-the-box, without requiring integration and configuration. They are built upon Aware’s time-tested, market-leading software components for biometric enrollment, analysis, and matching.

Indigo can be used for several different  use cases, such as:

  • biometric identity proofing for onboarding of new customers and employees
  • kiosk-based biometric patient identification
  • mobile time and attendance using biometric authentication to validate time and location data
Worklist display, with alert showing duplicate record found; potential fraud or error

Worklist display, with alert showing duplicate record found; potential fraud or error



Cloud-based SaaS

Indigo solutions can be operational in minutes, offered either as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription or as a software application that can be licensed and installed on a server or public/private cloud.

Turnkey capability

Integration with other systems, databases, and user interfaces is possible but not required to gain powerful functionality from Indigo. It can be used in a standalone basis to store and link biometric records to records in another database.

Mature technology

Indigo is built upon Aware’s market-leading BioSP™ (Biometric Services Platform), and utilizes BioComponents™, a browser-based biometric enrollment application used by thousands and optimized for HTML5.

Fully scalable fingerprint and face search

Indigo enables rapid search of millions of face and fingerprint records, with fusion of results.

Role-based access control

Enrollment and review processes are separated using a worklist-based workflow. In this way, investigation and review privileges can be reserved for credentialed administrators, and restricted from enrollment specialists.

Rich administrative features

Indigo offers the rich array of administration capabilities offered by BioSP. They help owners administer and configure the system, view and edit data, set roles and issue access rights, and generate reports.

Fraud and error detection

Optional detection of errors and fraud indicators in identity data, powered by Aware’s Inquire™ identity analytics technology.


Customer and employee onboarding

Customer and employee onboarding

Use biometrics to confidently assess whether a prospective customer or employee has already been enrolled in an identity management system or watch list.

Patient identification

Patient identification

Use biometrics to avoid mis-identification and duplicate records.

Time and attendance

Time and attendance

Use mobile devices to collect time and location data that is validated using biometric authentication.

Fraud detection and deterrence

Fraud detection and deterrence

Deter and detect fraud by ensuring that applicants cannot misrepresent their identity, either now or in the future.

Duplicate and error prevention

Duplicate and error prevention

Prevent duplicate records in an identity management system using the unique power of biometrics

Watch list search

Watch list search

Detect whether individuals have been cited previously as a person of concern, regardless of the identity they present during onboarding

Indigo for Onboarding

Indigo leverages biometrics to enhance the onboarding process with a fast and confident determination of whether someone has an existing identity record in the system. In this way, attempts at identity fraud can be detected and duplicate identity records prevented.

Indigo provides browser-based capture of fingerprints and faces and scalable one-to-many search of millions of records. It separates the enrollment and investigation processes into two asynchronous steps so they can be performed and administered by personnel with different skills and credentials. Fingerprint data is searched against all records previously enrolled in the system, and positive search results are queued in a worklist as alerts that include the associated facial images. As a separate asynchronous process, alerts are used to prompt further investigation and then to either close or escalate the case.


  • Software-as-a-service or private cloud
  • No system integration required
  • Web-based fingerprint and face enrollment
  • Highly scalable fingerprint search
  • Separation of enrollment and review tasks
  • Role-based task assignment and data access
  • Mature, field-proven platform 
Autocapture of facial image with real-time image quality assurance and camera integration

Autocapture of facial image with real-time image quality assurance and camera integration

Fingerprint autocapture with error detection and device integration Fingerprint autocapture with error detection and device integration

Turnkey Cloud-Based Biometrics for Secure Onboarding

Indigo for Patient Identification

Indigo provides an easy and effective way to identify patients when they arrive to receive care.  It is kiosk based, with patients able to self-enroll. It can be integrated into existing applications and workflow. A patient simply submits their biometric data, which initiates a biometric search, the results of which are reported via API to a system of choice.  Workflows can be configured to automate processes based on whether the patient is identified as new or existing.


​ Indigo for Time & Attendance

Indigo can be configured as a mobile biometric time and attendance solution e that uses a mobile device to capture time and location data, and applies biometrics to ensure the accuracy and integrity of that data. A system administrator first registers the mobile device being used to record time and location data.  At that time, a biometric registration is also performed. A mobile app can be prompted by a schedule or by the server to initiate a check-in, which in turn prompts a biometric capture. The time, location, and biometric capture are sent to the server, where it is matched and logged. The data is made available by API.

Time and Attendance Biometric Solution

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