Biometrics as a Service

Indigo™ is Aware’s family of cloud-based biometric APIs and turnkey solutions, provided on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription.

AwareABIS - Automated Biometric Identification System

SaaS-based Biometrics

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Each Indigo solution is designed for a particular use case, such as biometric identity proofing, biometric patient identification, and mobile time and attendance using biometric authentication to validate time and location data. The “biometrics-as-as-service” model provides low cost and risk. The full Indigo family is built around Aware’s market-leading software components for biometric enrollment, analysis, and matching.

Features include:


Provides cloud-based services for granular biometric face and fingerprint image analysis and processing. Functions include quality scoring, liveness detection, enrollment, verification, comparison, and fingerprint and face biometric search.

Indigo for onboarding

Provides biometrics to enhance the onboarding process by rapidly confirming whether someone has an existing identity record in the system, detecting identity fraud, and preventing duplicate records. Indigo provides browser-based fingerprint and facial capture, and separates enrollment and investigation into two asynchronous steps. Fingerprint data is searched against all existing records, and positive search results come back as alerts that prompt further investigation to close or escalate the case.

Face Capture

Autocapture of facial image with real-time image quality assurance and camera integration

Fingerprint Capture

Fingerprint autocapture with error detection and device integration

Turnkey Cloud-Based Biometrics for Secure Onboarding

Indigo for patient identification

Provides an easy and effective way to identify patients, and can integrate into existing applications. Patients can self-enroll with biometric data, and a biometric search determines whether they are new or existing patients.

Patient Identification

Indigo for time & attendance

Provides mobile biometric time and attendance reporting and applies biometrics to ensure data accuracy and integrity. After registering a mobile device, the device is prompted to initiate a check-in, which in turn prompts biometric capture. Time, location, and biometric capture are sent to the server, where it is matched and logged.

Time and Attendance

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