Data reading, personalization, and authentication for e-passport solutions in accordance with ICAO Doc 9303

ICAOPack™ is an SDK that provides conformance with ICAO LDS and authentication standards specified in ICAO Doc 9303 Part 1 Volume 2 e-passport standards as well as associated ISO/IEC 19794 biometrics standards.

ICAOPack is a flexible API and utility set designed to read, write, validate, and view standards-compliant biometric image and template data. ICAOPack ensures that data generated for storage can be read by other systems, or similarly, that a system can read the data from any standards-compliant passport.

ICAOPack’s Smart Card Library utilizes the PC/SC interface for reading the contactless e-passport chip. ICAOPack’s Security Library provides comprehensive support for Extended Access Control (EAC), Basic Access Control (BAC), Passive Authentication, and Active Authentication.

ICAOPack includes JPEG 2000, JPEG, and WSQ compression and decompression of biometric images, as well as quality scoring for fingerprint images. This advanced algorithm generates a score for a fingerprint image to help operators use only fingerprint images of sufficient quality for biometric matching.

ICAOPack Screen

ICAOPack Screen

ICAOPack Screen

Features and Functionality

  • Supports multiple facial, finger images, finger minutiae, and iris data sets
  • Provides CBEFF, ISO/IEC 19794, ICAO LDS file packing, unpacking, and reformatting
  • CBEFF, ISO/IEC 19794, ICAO LDS file content verification
  • Supports extended access control, basic access control, active authentication, and passive authentication
  • Ensures file structure and integrity
  • Utilizes PC/SC for contactless e-passport chip reading
  • Includes WSQ, JPEG 2000, and JPEG compression
  • Includes Aware QualityCheck API

SDK Features

  • Easy to use and understand
  • Fully featured C Language API
  • C#/.NET wrappers
  • Programmable in C, C++, .NET, and Java
  • Example programs with source
  • Java Native Interface support
  • Microsoft Windows and Linux Support
  • iOS support (ICAOPack Mobile)


  • E-passport personalization and issuance
  • Citizen ID
  • Border management