Identity Proofing and Fraud Prevention

Aware software enables security solutions with biometric identity proofing and identity fraud detection towards “Know Your Employee” (KYE) or “Know Your Customer” (KYC) security efforts, such as might be part of an onboarding process. Aware software can be implemented by end users or also provided to third-party companies wishing to provide biometric identity proofing or fraud prevention as complete solutions or as cloud-based services.

Solutions for Identity Proofing and Fraud Prevention

Identity proofing: Know Your Employee/Customer

Aware software can be used to deploy biometrics identity proofing as a key element of “Know Your Employee (KYE)” or “Know Your Customer (KYC)” onboarding efforts. Applicants for employment or new customer accounts can be biometrically enrolled and searched in a biometric database to ensure that they are representing their identity honestly and consistently. In this way, identity proofing can prevent an individual from registering multiple identities in order to conceal information.

In Aware identity proofing solutions, BioComponents are used either within WebEnroll or URC to collect biometric images (fingerprint, face, and/or iris) from the applicant. The biometrics are submitted to BioSP running on a central server. Applicant records are stored securely in BioSP Subject Manager. A biometric search is performed by Astra using Nexa algorithms. BioSP Format Manager and Transaction Manager can be used to submit standards-compliant biometric records to the FBI or other external government systems for search.

The Astra ABIS with Nexa fingerprint, face, and iris biometric matching algorithms can be used to determine whether an applicant is already represented in the database, which can help deter and prevent fraud.

Inquire™ applies advanced text search, match, and link algorithms to check biographic data against existing records and to help ensure that each citizen is issued only one identity.

Fraud prevention

Aware’s fraud prevention solutions apply the advanced identity analytics algorithms of Inquire™ to perform identity resolution, relationship detection, and other probabilistic search, match, and link techniques useful in detecting fraud attempts. By integrating and cross-referencing identity data between disparate databases, inconsistencies and non-obvious relationships can be automatically detected and categorized by risk. High-risk conditions can be configured and prioritized.