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Human Resources

Aware’s biometric solutions are applicable to several identity-related use cases for human resources departments towards more efficient and secure onboarding of new employees to time and attendance.

Biometric Solutions for Human Resources

Time and Attendance

Aware’s Indigo biometrics as a service platform can be used in conjunction with Aware’s Knomi mobile authentication software to enable advanced employee time and attendance tracking and reporting.  A mobile software app with Aware SDKs enables use of a smartphone to capture face and/or voice biometrics along with time and location data.  The data is sent to the server, where it is processed and stored. Biometrics are used to validate that the employee is present with the device at a given time and location.  Raw data can be retrieved for processing, or advanced reporting capabilities provide employees with employee-centric, time-centric, or location-centric reports that inform on the activities of employees.

Time and Attendance Biometric Solution

Identity proofing and duplicate prevention

Indigo|Onboard is a cloud-based solution that leverages biometrics to enhance the onboarding process with a fast and confident determination of whether someone has an existing identity record in the system. In this way, attempts at identity fraud can be detected and duplicate identity records prevented.

  • Software-as-a-service or private cloud
  • No system integration required
  • Web-based fingerprint and face enrollment
  • Highly scalable fingerprint search
  • Separation of enrollment and review tasks
  • Role-based task assignment and data access
  • Mature, field-proven platform

Identity analytics for fraud prevention

Aware’s fraud prevention solutions apply the advanced identity analytics algorithms of Inquire™ to perform identity resolution, relationship detection, and other probabilistic search, match, and link techniques useful in detecting fraud attempts. By integrating and cross-referencing identity data between disparate databases, inconsistencies and non-obvious relationships can be automatically detected and categorized by risk. High-risk conditions can be configured and prioritized.

Fraud Prevention

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