Aware’s biometric solutions can be used in a healthcare delivery environment for a variety of applications, including patient identification and identity and access management (IAM).

Solutions for Healthcare

Patient Identification

Indigo™ is a biometrics-as-a-service platform that enables healthcare providers to avoid the dangers of patient misidentification.  Patients are not always able to identify themselves with sufficient confidence, and duplicate patient records can exacerbate the risk. By collecting biometrics from patients and searching those biometrics upon subsequent visits, providers can identify patients with confidence without relying on patients or their credentials.

Mobile Authentication for Access Control

Biometrics can be used as a more convenient and secure means to provide access to health records for both patients and caregivers.  Aware’s Knomi biometric authentication framework applies face, voice, and keystroke dynamics to enable multi-factor authentication on a smartphone, replacing or enhancing  passwords for mobile app login or for out-of-band authentication for access to a browser.

Out of Band Multi Factor

Out of Band Multifactor authentication using mobile biometrics

Identity Deduplication

Duplicate patient identity records can cause treatment delivery errors. Biometrics can be used as a tool to detect and merge patient records so that their complete records are always visible to caregivers.  When patients submit their biometrics upon onboarding to the system, those biometrics can be used to avoid duplicates upon onboarding or to analyze identity data to detect any duplicates in a system. AwareABIS provides this capability.

Healthcare Resources

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