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Defense and Intelligence

Aware software is used for defense and intelligence applications to perform search of biometric databases and watch lists, such as to screen employment applicants and to ascertain the identity of individuals upon an encounter in the field. Military personnel in the field use an Aware software application running on ruggedized mobile biometric capture devices to collect biometrics from individuals in remote locations and aboard ships.

Biometric Solutions for Defense and Intelligence

Employment applicant screening

For employment applicant screening, URC and WebEnroll are (Windows- and browser-based) biometric enrollment applications used to collect biometrics from an applicant for biometric search. FingerprintComponent and PhotoComponent operate within URC or a browser to perform fingerprint and face autocapture and also abstraction of the capture hardware peripherals. NISTComponent manages biographic data collection and complete data submission to BioSP.

These BioComponents can alternatively operate within WebEnroll or a different browser application. BioSP is used to submit biometric data to an AFIS for biometric search and to share data between disparate systems such as a case management system.

Employment Applicant Screening

Defense and Intelligence Resources

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