Authentication and Payments

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Authentication and Payments

Aware software can be used to build and deploy biometrics-enabled strong authentication of employees and customers for authentication from smart phones and PCs, such as used to enable biometrics-secured financial transactions. Biometric liveness detection (spoof detection), template storage and matching can each occur on the mobile device or alternatively on the server. Aware software supports different standards, architectures, and workflows depending on the nature of the application.

KNOMI™ Mobile Biometric Authentication Framework

The Knomi mobile biometric authentication framework is a family of biometric SDKs and other software components operating on a server and a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet.  Together they enable strong, multi-factor authentication from a mobile device using facial biometrics. Banks or any commercial enterprise can deploy Knomi to enhance their password-based authentication mechanisms, making login to mobile applications more secure and more convenient for their customers and employees.  Knomi software components can be used in different combinations and configurations to enable either a server-centric architecture or a device-centric, FIDO® Certified implementation.


  • Device- or server-centric biometric matching
  • High-performance facial recognition
  • Market-leading spoof detection and liveness detection addressing multiple attack modes
  • FIDO® Certified UAF face authenticator, client, and server• SDKs with reference application code
  • iOS and Android support for mobile components

Solutions for Authentication and Payments

Server-Centric Authentication

Biometric template storage and matching is performed on the server, with algorithms for autocapture, liveness detection, and spoof detection operating on both the device and on the server.

  • Mobile Face Client. Application running on the device to perform facial image capture and analysis designed to capture high-quality facial images quickly and to detect spoof attempts. Built upon the PreFace Mobile SDK.
  • Face Authentication Service. Server-based software API for facial template storage and matching. Built upon the Nexa|Face SDK.
  • Face Analysis Service.  Server-based API for facial image analysis, including liveness detection and spoof detection. Built upon the PreFace SDK.
  • App Configuration Service. Server-based API for device application configuration.

FIDO® Certified Authentication

FIDO® Suite is a family of software products for biometric authentication that are certified conformant with the specifications of the FIDO Alliance and interoperable with other FIDO-certified products.o FIDO Face Authenticator. FIDO Face Authenticator allows a user to login to a mobile application of a relying party (such as a banking app) using their face for authentication. It provides liveness detection via passive mechanisms and also active interaction with the user, including eye blinking. The captured face never leaves the security boundaries of the authenticator application.o FIDO Client. FIDO® Client is the intermediary application that helps to bind FIDO authenticators with the relying party mobile application. A FIDO client can look up all FIDO authenticators on the device, and communicate via JSON messages standardized by the FIDO ASM API.o FIDO Server. FIDO® Server enables a relying party server to offer FIDO-based login from their mobile applications. FIDO® Server encapsulates the FIDO features required at the server, such as maintenance of the FIDO login policies, management of the public keys, and verification of the signatures created on the mobile device.More information about FIDO Certified authentication products can be found here.