Use Cases

Aware’s comprehensive portfolio of modular products enable us to deliver complete solutions customized to satisfy a variety of use cases. Our solutions are flexible, reliable, and durable, a result of our diligent software maintenance practices and many years of lessons learned from deployments across a diverse range of environments and applications.   

Mobile authentication for banks

Financial Services

Aware offers solutions for user authentication on a mobile device using biometrics.  Aware’s Knomi™ mobile biometric authentication framework allows banking customers to use their mobile banking apps to login and perform transactions without using passwords.

  • FIDO Certified Authentication
  • Server-Centric Authentication

Enterprise security

Enterprise Security

Aware biometrics software enables enterprises to enhance their identity and access management systems  with secure and convenient multifactor authentication of employees using mobile biometrics.

  • Multifactor biometric authentication

Human Resources

Human Resources

Aware’s biometric solutions are applicable to several identity-related use cases for human resources departments towards more efficient and secure onboarding of new employees to time and attendance.

  • Time and attendance
  • Identity proofing and duplicate prevention



Aware’s biometric solutions can be used in a healthcare delivery environment for a variety of applications, including patient identification and identity and access management (IAM).

  • Patient identification
  • Identity and access management (IAM)

Citizen ID

Citizen ID

Aware provides software and solutions for government-sponsored, biometrics-enabled citizen identification and credentialing systems, such as for e-passports, national ID cards, and voter registration and elections. Citizen ID solutions are powered by AwareABIS™, which provides fully scalable fingerprint, face, and/or iris enrollment and identification.

  • E-passports
  • National ID
  • Elections

Border Management

Border Management

Aware biometric software solutions are used toward several different aspects of visitor screening and border management. Aware solutions perform biometric search against watch lists upon a visitor’s visa application, and biometric verification upon their arrival at the border. It is also used to personalize and read travel documents such as e-passports.

  • Visa applicant screening
  • Document authentication

Law enforcement

Law Enforcement

Aware software and solutions are used for a variety of law enforcement applications:

  • Mobile device gateway server
  • BIometric transaction integration and management
  • Fingerprint card scanning
  • Local biometric search
  • Search of FBI Interstate Photo System
  • Forensic analysis (face and fingerprint)



Aware software is used for defense and intelligence applications to perform search of biometric databases and watch lists, such as to screen employment applicants and to ascertain the identity of individuals upon an encounter in the field. Aware also provides forensic workstation applications used for investigations.

  • Employment applicant screening
  • Mobile biometric enrollment and search