Mobile Biometric Authentication Building Blocks

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Identity service providers can incorporate mobile biometric authentication functions—like scanning, recognition, and data management—into their solutions using Aware’s Knomi SDKs. They can develop solutions that take advantage best-of-breed biometric features and a flexible architecture that can run on iOS, Android, Windows, or Linux platforms.

The Knomi mobile biometric framework is a collection of SDKs that work together to provide strong, multi-factor, password-free mobile biometric authentication. Identity solution providers can incorporate these SDKs and APIs into their solutions to enhance mobile biometric matching, liveness detection and multifactor authentication. These are vital steps toward ensuring accurate user verification.

Building Knomi software components into solutions in different combinations and configurations can help ensure:

Using mobile devices to conduct biometric matching and liveness detection is applicable in myriad environments, from law enforcement and enterprise settings to financial services and human resources. The NIST-tested algorithms that drive Knomi provide secure, accurate, and convenient facial and voice recognition for mobile multifactor authentication.

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