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Biometric authentication using face and voice is ideal for several automotive applications. Mobile biometrics allow keyless vehicle access that is secure and passwordless, allowing private or commercial vehicles to be easily shared among family members, renters, and driver pools. Biometric driver recognition adds security and convenience for a variety of applications, including driver onboarding and management.

Applications for private vehicles

Manufacturers and OEM suppliers can add face and voice recognition in their mobile apps and vehicles to make their products more secure and convenient for drivers.

Mobile biometrics as a multifactor key
Keyless entry

Remote start

Biometrics as an in-car identifier
Keyless start

Settings personalization
Driver data attribution

Applications for commercial fleet operators

Mobile biometrics can be used for carsharing, taxi and rental services, as well as for home services, shipping, and delivery fleets.

Employee onboarding
Driver’s license validation
Identity deduplication

Vehicle security
Secure entry, start, operation

Driver management
Driver data attribution
Secure mobile payments

Automotive Solutions
Automotive Biometrics

Biometrics on the Road to Automotive Identity


This is not your father’s Oldsmobile. After a hundred years of incremental improvements in the performance, efficiency, safety, and reliability of our automobiles, today we are in the midst of what can be argued is a truly revolutionary change in what it means to drive a car. Our vehicles have become supercomputers on wheels, with hundreds of sensors collecting every imaginable datapoint, thousands of times every second. Advances in wireless connectivity such as those promised by 5G networks are transforming the way we hit the road. Vehicles of all types are connecting to the Internet and to each other, to the point where getting behind the wheel has turned from  a convenient way to get from A to B into a highly personalized and efficient mode of transportation, that also happens to be safer than ever.. But as connected cars and trucks take to our highways, it’s not enough that they can navigate, connect, communicate, and entertain – this new wave of automotive transportation has to be personal. The smart vehicle of tomorrow needs to know its driver.


Mobile Biometric Authentication Framework

Knomi® is a mobile biometric authentication solution comprised of a family of biometric matching and liveness detection algorithms that use face and voice to enable secure and convenient multifactor authentication without passwords.

Knomi can also be used for identity proofing as part of a mobile onboarding solution, with advanced security checks that authenticate driver’s licenses and passports, and spoof-resistant biometric facial matching between the live and printed images.

Knomi’s advanced presentation attack detection algorithms are essential for onboarding and authentication. They detect not only victim impersonation spoofs, but also identity concealment spoofs that impact the ability to use the facial images for other biometric identity proofing functions useful for onboarding such as watch list checks and duplicate prevention.


  • NIST-tested algorithms
  • Highly configurable UX and security features  
  • Robust presentation attack detection
  • Multimodal performance
  • Identity proofing and document authentication
  • Device- or server-centric architecture
  • IAM integrations
  • iOS, Android, Windows, Linux support

Biometric Solutions for Automotive

Personal vehicles

Mobile keyless controls

Mobile biometrics can be used in place of a key to unlock a vehicle. Knomi enables biometric authentication to be performed on a driver’s mobile device as a feature of the vehicle manufacturer’s mobile app, so that a key isn’t required to unlock the vehicle. It’s a critical convenience, particularly to share the use of a car or when keys are missing, lost, or stolen. Mobile apps can also be used to start a vehicle remotely, and biometrics allow it to be done more safely and securely.

In-car driver recognition

Face and voice biometrics are an ideal technology to recognize a driver for a range of useful and convenient features. Built into the car, biometric recognition can be used to add security and convenience, such as secure keyless start and automated personalization of seat and comfort settings, audio presets, and more. Biometrics can also be used to make in-car purchases and upgrades safe and convenient.
Today’s personal vehicles have the ability to collect lots of data, and this data is far more useful if it can be attributed to a specific driver, especially when a particular vehicle is shared among multiple drivers.

Commercial vehicles: rental, carsharing, fleet management

Driver onboarding

The process of renting or sharing and then driving a vehicle can be expedited by enabling the customer to use their mobile device to initiate a rental application as part of an onboarding process. The KYC process can be made more secure by requiring the renter to authenticate their driver’s license on their mobile device prior to the rental. Knomi can be used to authenticate the driver’s license and also to biometric match a live facial image to that printed on the license to verify they are its owner. Their age can also be automatically validated.

Similarly, biometric onboarding can also be useful for fleet management, where it is employees that are sharing vehicles as opposed to customers. Here, biometrics can fulfill a similar KYE security requirement, where new drivers’ identities are verified using biometrics as part of the onboarding process. Biometrics can be used to verify that a driver’s license they are using is theirs. Document verification proves that the ID is authentic.

Convenience, security, and data attribution

Secure convenience features can also be provided to renters and professional drivers, such as remote entry and start and biometric authentication for vehicle operation. Data collected about vehicle operation can be confidently attributed to a particular driver.

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Biometrics on the Road to Automotive Identity

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