About James Maurer

James Maurer has designed, developed, and managed biometric software and systems since 2001. During that time he was the principal engineer on many of Aware’s biometric software products, managed large customer projects, and earned several patents. He currently serves as Aware’s Director of Customer Solutions where he applies his deep knowledge of biometric software and systems to help Aware customers configure, deploy, and optimize their biometric solutions.

Biometric Data Interoperability Challenges Rise with Worldwide Adoption

2020-01-20T11:30:44-05:00By |

“The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from.” -Andrew Tanenbaum. As the biometrics market continues to mature, two phenomena become increasingly apparent. First, more and more institutions choose to adopt biometrics as an enhancement to their business. Secondly, these institutions seek to make use of existing standards for data [...]

Improving Mobile Biometric Identification with Hardware Abstraction

2020-01-20T11:33:54-05:00By |

Biometrics have continued the inevitable migration from the desktop device to the mobile device. Both the mobile industry and the biometric industry have continued to strive for smaller and more capable devices. The past few years have seen the accelerated adoption of biometrics on mobile devices. Most recently, iris biometrics have been added to Samsung [...]