When you purchase anything, you want to get the most bang for your buck, don’t you? That is the same with an automated biometric identification system (ABIS). If the system you have is aging and does not seem to have everything that your agency needs it for, it may be time to replace it. Some signs that could point to your ABIS aging could be the existing life cycle, and surrounding issues of software running out of life which can propose many risks to your system. Crimes are evolving and offenders need to be caught fast to keep the community safe. At the same time, you need an ABIS that will fit your agency’s needs and nothing more.

Questions to ask yourself if you think your ABIS is aging:

Is my system aging out and getting old?

The first sign that your ABIS could be aging is the life cycle of the existing implemented technology. According to, “In general, biometric systems may be similar to other computer-based systems in that useful lifetimes cannot be expected to surpass 5 to 7 years without becoming obsolete.” Technologies will evolve over the lifespan of an ABIS, and biometric components could require the need to be updated.

Am I experiencing issues?

Many issues can present itself when a system is aging including bugs, glitches, or files with the enrolled biometric template could be corrupted. Also, there could be instances where the software is not performing the way it should, albeit the quality control.

Another issue that can affect your system is if it is compromised by a hacker. When the software is aging, risks come with that. Hackers are always looking for new ways to hack into systems, especially a biometric system to steal data, identities, etc. If your system is outdated and note properly updated and managed, it could be vulnerable to attacks.

These issues can pose problems when you need a system to perform, and when time is especially important to catch offenders. We understand that software can have problems at the end of its life, but at Aware, we want to give you a solution to those problems.

The Solution: AwareABIS

The good news is, AwareABIS can be the solution to all those problems above and more. Your agency deserves to have an offering where you are in control, and that is what you will get with AwareABIS. The comprehensive reporting tools, open integration, ease of installation, complete data ownership, examiner-focused user interface, and multiple modalities are what sets us apart from the rest.

If your ABIS may be outdated and needs to be replaced, we understand there are many options. At Aware, we want to make sure that your agency has the right ABIS for its specific needs whether it be cost, data accessibility, etc. and want to put you back into control of it. See how AwareABIS can help, and how seamless it can be to take back control while keeping communities safer.

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