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Over our twenty-year history, Aware has earned a reputation as an agile and responsive biometrics software supplier, offering a wide range of best-in-class COTS products and exemplary technical support. We have worked with hundreds of system integrators globally, providing support primarily via 8x5 phone and email-based communication. The efficiency and effectiveness of our technical support is aided by the reliability and usability of our products, which are in turn a result of their “true COTS” design, diligent maintenance, and many years of use in large deployments across a diverse range of environments and applications.

In addition to Aware’s large product portfolio, our experienced engineering staff and deep subject matter expertise also lend themselves well to the delivery of services, enabling us to provide high-impact software consultation, design, and customization services towards biometric solution proposal and delivery. Because our offerings fill a wide spectrum from COTS tools to fully customized solutions, our services and support can be scaled to fit whatever tasks are optimally outsourced by our customer. Our role is not set in stone; it might change from project to project or even over the course of a particular engagement.

This flexibility is a key benefit of subcontracting to Aware and can be a substantial competitive advantage. Having such options gives solution providers an extreme degree of latitude to optimize their tactical approach, mitigate risks, and address specifics of the project in their solution proposal and delivery, such as availability of in-house resources and expertise, functional and performance requirements of the solution, and schedule and budgetary constraints. Our work plans are designed to complement the capabilities of our customers, and align with their goals: on-time, on-budget delivery of a high-performance, high-reliability solution, and ultimately, a very happy end-user.

Areas where Aware can provide assistance are as follows:

System architecture and design consultation. Aware has been a key contributor to large-scale biometric systems since the early 1990s. We have developed a wealth of knowledge and best practices associated with the successful deployment of biometric solutions in real world environments. Our Biometric Services Platform (BioSP) provides customers with a modular, programmable, scalable, and secure service-oriented platform to develop enterprise solutions.

Interface development. Aware COTS software components often interface with other standard and non-standard software products and platforms. Aware can quickly configure our software to properly interface with a wide range of other system components.

Feature development. Customers often have unique requirements and must-haves that can be key to the success program or solution success. Aware can help customers quickly demonstrate, develop, and incorporate these custom features, differentiating their offering in an impactful way.

Application customization. While Aware software development kits include source code to sample applications and support documentation, we also provide several biometric applications, and we customize them according to specific customer requirements. For example, our UniversalRegistrationClient (URC) biometric enrollment workstation application can be modified to reflect the workflow or functional requirements of a particular end user.

Development support. Aware offers comprehensive technical assistance and support to developers, acting as an on-demand extension of development engineering staff. Aware can help a Customer solution development team to learn, utilize, and integrate Aware software solution components into their own application and workflow to maximize the utility of the features and functionality of Aware software, improving and differentiating their own offerings in the process.

Installation support. The software installation phase is a critical moment of the solution implementation. A smooth launch helps ensure overall project success. Aware can provide crucial expertise towards problem resolution during this short but important time.

Customer training. The success of a deployed system solution can be reduced if it is not properly utilized by the end user. Aware can assist with such training with in-person seminars, formal training, and documentation to share industry and Aware best practices.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Support. Aware software engineering personnel are experienced in delivering biometrics software for a variety of applications. Aware SMEs work hand-in-hand with customers to develop proposals and solutions that translate technical, financial, and operational requirements into a comprehensive solution. Aware is a contributor to the biometric standards developed by NIST, INCITS, and ISO, and actively participates in NIST, M1, and SC 37 meetings and document development; Aware brings this important and time sensitive expertise to its projects.



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