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Aware’s biometric software is used globally throughout the federal, state, and local law enforcement community for:

  • biometric fingerprint, face, and iris enrollment on booking workstations and mobile devices, with image autocapture, post-processing, quality scoring, and data validation,
  • centralized, standards-compliant transaction validation and formatting,
  • centralized aggregation of transaction enrollments and queries from workstations and mobile devices,
  • “store and forward” routing and distribution of transactions to and from FBI NGI, state/city AFIS, and CCH systems via configurable workflows,
  • centralized archival of transactions and metadata,
  • browser-based administration, query, file viewing and editing, and reporting, and
  • automated creation of standards-compliant digital transactions from fingerprint cards.

BioSP runs on a server to execute custom workflows and data processing steps that are easily configurable to support specific data formatting and routing requirements. Administrators can configure the system, read and edit data, and run custom reports from a browser. Biometric modalities supported include live scan and card scan fingerprints, palm, face, and iris.

URC is a .NET biometric enrollment user interface that can be used for criminal booking. BioComponents are .NET controls or Java applets that include a user interface and operate independently within URC or another application to perform discrete modality-specific enrollment tasks.

Suspect booking and workflow BioSPBioComponents URC
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Suspect booking and transaction workflow

BioSP can be used by state and local law enforcement agencies to receive queries and enrollments submitted from the booking workstations, and then execute configurable formatting and routing rules to process and distribute the data to and from FBI NGI, state AFIS, and CCH systems.

BioSP can also be used to aggregate submissions and responses to and from mobile devices. 
Universal Registration Client (URC) is used to collect fingerprint and face biometrics and other information as part of a booking process. BioComponents include a user interface run as .NET controls within URC or another application to perform text, fingerprint, and face capture, and transaction validation and submission to BioSP.



Suspect booking and workflow
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Fingerprint card scanning

FormScanner is a family of applications used to scan fingerprint cards using consumer-grade scanning equipment such as the Epson 11000XL, and create standards-compliant digital transactions used for fingerprint-based search against an AFIS. FormScannerSE has a user interface used to assist manual entry of data from fingerprint cards. FormScannerMB performs automated scanning of large batches of fingerprint cards with multiple scanners in use. Advanced real-time reporting is provided during a batch scan. Form recognition and image quality enhancements are performed. FormScannerSWFT is configured specifically for SWFT submissions. BioComponents operate within FormScanner for text capture, fingerprint scanning workflow, and data validation and submission. 

BioSP is used to validate, aggregate, and distribute standards-compliant digital transactions created from fingerprint card scanning to and from AFIS and CCH systems.


Suspect booking and workflow BioSP
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Mobile Search of RISC Database

BioSP enables state and local law enforcement organizations to quickly assess the level of threat posed by an individual encountered on patrol without needing to transport or detain them. The solution allows officers in the field to use mobile fingerprint devices to collect and submit an individual’s fingerprints for comparison against the FBI RISC (Repository for Individuals of Special Concern) database as well as a state and/or local AFIS.

BioSP performs as an intermediary between the mobile communication system and the state AFIS, which submits the search request to the FBI and receives the response.  BioSP performs data communication, transposition, routing, and workflow so that agencies have the freedom to use a variety of mobile fingerprint capture devices and existing mobility infrastructure. 

Suspect booking and workflow URC BioSP Nexa BioComponents BioSP URC
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Search of a local biometric data base

BioSP can be used together with one or more of the Nexa SDKs to perform a search of a local biometric database. Where BioSP is used to manage the database and user interactions, Nexa SDKs include the algorithms to perform the biometric search. URC can be used to capture biometric data for search and to report results.


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