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JPEG 2000 White Paper

JPEG 2000 was designed to overcome the limitations of the original JPEG standard and provide high-quality images at low bit-rates. In addition, Aware JPEG 2000 includes new features and functionalities for client/server imaging applications and resource constrained wireless devices.Aware, as a commercial provider of wavelet-based codecs since 1987, has been actively involved in the development of the JPEG 2000 standard. Aware has been a participant in both the US and International standards meetings and continues to closely monitor the evolution of the JPEG 2000 standard specification.The Aware JPEG 2000 SDK combines our knowledge of the upcoming standard with the experience and expertise that we have gained from providing commercially available wavelet solutions to developers of image processing, management and distribution systems. Aware JPEG 2000 recently added support for the Apple iOS mobile operating system, enabling decompression and viewing of JPEG 2000 images on an iPad and iPhone for both ARM6 and ARM7 based processors.

JPEG2000: Advantages Over JPEG

  • Better image quality at the same file size
  • 25-35% smaller file sizes at comparable image quality
  • Good image quality even at very high compression ratios, over 80:1
  • Low complexity option for devices with limited resources
  • Scalable image files -- no decompression needed for reformatting.  With JPEG 2000, the image that best matches the target device can be extracted from a single compressed file on a server. Options include:
    1. Image sizes from thumbnail to full size
    2. Grayscale to full 3 channel color
    3. Low quality image to lossless (identical to original image)
  • Progressive rendering and transmission through a layered image file structure. Example: from a single 100 Kbyte image file of a 512x512 original image, a low resolution 32x32 pixel thumbnail image can be transmitted by sending only 10Kbytes. Sending an additional 15 KBytes increases the resolution to 64x64 pixels, and so on. Other layerings provide for progressive transmission and rendering based on quality, color component and spatial location in the image.

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